Why travel nurse housing?

As Mother Teresa said, “It is not how much we do – it is how much love we put into the doing.”1 Nurses are such a perfect example of this! A nurse provides care, empathy and support during life’s most difficult seasons…and they see us at our very worst. They deal with the realities of death, loss, heartbreak and new life in a normal day’s work. Nurses deserve a restful, comforting environment to go to decompress after a long day at the hospital. Here in the Shreveport area, we offer travel nurse housing that can help alleviate stress.

What does a travel nurse do?

But wait, did I just say “travel nurse housing”? What is a travel nurse? Good question. Since nursing is a career in high demand, many hospitals simply don’t have the staff necessary. A travel nurse can come from another location and work for a short period of time to fill any staffing needs. This type of job is ideal for a person who loves to visit new locations and experience or learn from other doctors / hospitals. As a nurse working on a short term travel basis, you’ll want to obtain the help of a certified agency. These agencies can help you find other medical professionals in need of your services.

Why is travel nurse housing unique versus other rental options?
Travel nurses typically work in one location for several months, so a hotel stay would become tiresome and expensive. In addition, 2-6 months isn’t that long and, combined with the job requirement of frequent travel, lugging around furniture and appliances is impossible. Some travel nurses choose to let their agency find a place for them to stay. However, if you’ve decided to take a stipend in order to arrange your own housing while in Shreveport, you should seriously consider fully furnished corporate housing. Don’t let the name “corporate” trick you into thinking that these rentals won’t work for medical professionals. In fact, our Shreveport area short term corporate housing solutions are perfect for travel nurses because they offer the convenience of a short lease with the benefit of a fully-furnished “home-like” atmosphere. Each home or condo is complete with kitchen, washer / dryer units, leather recliners and more!

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