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Shreveport LA

Shreveport LA

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Did you know that Shreveport LA used to be known as Shreve Town? Yep, this fair city was named for Captain Henry Miller Shreve, who helped to make the Red River usable and ready for transportation back in the early 1800s. Steamboats were often seen dotting the river back in the day. Even though times have changed, the river played an important part of Shreveport’s history. At more than 1000 miles long, the Red River touches the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Shreveport LA isn’t only about the river, though. It’s also a great city for kids, families and individuals who want to enjoy southern comfort, Cajun food and a rich music history. If you’re seeking long term rentals or even short-term housing, look no further than Shreveport Bossier Corporate Housing.

Properties for rent in the greater Shreveport LA area

We offer a wide variety of housing options for you to choose from, including apartments, townhomes, houses and condominiums.

The possibilities don’t end there…we offer one-, two- or three-bedroom solutions. If you’re an individual traveling to Shreveport LA and only need to stay for a short time, we can help with fully furnished one-bedroom housing. However, families needing a longer-term rental don’t have to feel left out. Larger groups of people are welcome to call one of our three-bedroom properties their temporary home as well.

Our rental properties come fully furnished and ready for use. That means that you don’t have to pack literally everything in the car or buy new items for a place you’re only going to use a short time. It’s a game changer! Here at Shreveport Bossier Corporate Housing, we want you to feel welcomed, refreshed and comfortable.

Fun historical facts

The Shreveport Mudbugs ice hockey team
Did you know that this beautiful city sports an ice hockey team? You might not immediately associate the south with ice hockey, but the Shreveport Mudbugs are part of the North American Hockey League and recently have been a leader for attendance in the League. Don’t confuse the Shreveport Mudbugs for the Shreveport-Bossier Mudbugs, though, which were a professional hockey team that played during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Are you a music fan?
Music fans will definitely enjoy spending time in our city, which has a grand heritage of blues and country music. Elvis Presley performed on the famous Louisiana Hayride radio / TV show during the 1950s. If you want to experience a piece of the history, you can tour the Shreveport Municipal Memorial Auditorium (where the Louisiana Hayride broadcast from) or even watch a musical performance in this beautiful Art Deco building. Other notable music ties to Shreveport LA include Van Cliburn, Hank Williams Jr and Kix Brooks who were all born here.