Barksdale AFB Housing

Our Barksdale AFB housing is a great option for you or your family if you are serving in the Air Force.

Life in the military is really hard and service members often have to move around frequently. It isn’t fun, but it’s a fact. If you’re serving in the military, you may struggle at times with the difficulty of a long-distance relationship with your own family. Life away from your hometown and from your extended family is hard enough. But if you’re married, have children or are in a serious relationship, things get even harder.

Thankfully, there are solutions that can help either ease or reduce the pain of separation.

How can Barksdale AFB housing off base help you?

You sacrifice every day for your country and should live in a place that makes you feel like you’re living at home. Shreveport Bossier Corporate Housing can help. Our short-term and long term rentals are more than just an empty space with four walls…we want to create an atmosphere of peace that can ease your stressful days.

One way we can help with this is by offering fully furnished rentals complete with kitchen supplies, a large HDTV with cable, washer and dryer units and more. When you stay with us, you won’t have to bring along lots of furniture or even many essential household items…leave that stuff in a storage unit or back with your parents / in-laws!

In addition, our Barksdale AFB housing solutions are conveniently located in nearby Shreveport, Louisiana and Bossier City LA. In fact, some of our units are only a five-minute drive from the base! You’ll be able to live in a “home-like” setting and enjoy an easy commute at the same time. If your family or significant other has chosen to move with you as you serve, they will benefit from the extra time you can spend with them.

Military life can be incredibly inconsistent. It’s hard to plan family time when you may or may not be home…even if you really want to. Kids need the stability of a consistent schedule and, most importantly, time with family in order to grow and develop properly. They need to know that their parents always care about them. Thus, it’s helpful for family life to remain as “normal” as possible.

A Barksdale AFB housing option like our “home away from home” might not be the same as living in your hometown, but it will be in your family’s best interest in order to facilitate healthy relationships with your children. Here at Shreveport Bossier Corporate Housing, we offer military discounts to our renters because we care about and want to honor and encourage those serving in the armed forces.

Some history about Barksdale Air Force Base

Barksdale Air Force Base was dedicated in 1933 and derives its name from Lieutenant Eugene Barksdale, who flew in WWI. In the 1960s, the base became home to 2nd Bomb Wing, which is the oldest bomb unit in the entire Air Force. Today, Barksdale AFB is the headquarters for the Air Force Global Strike Command and features an extensive B-52 fleet as well as nuclear armed bombers to use if needed to defend our country.

If you’re a tourist in the Shreveport – Bossier, LA area, you should check out the Barksdale Global Power Museum located on the base. This museum features vintage aircraft from World War II, the Cold War and more. Keep in mind that, since this museum is on the AFB, you and your party will need to pass through security clearance before being able to enter. Another cool fact about the museum is that it offers people from the community the ability to research family members so they can learn more about loved ones who served in the Air Force.

Space buffs will love the connections Barksdale AFB has to the galaxy. Several notable space shuttles have stopped at the base, including Space Shuttles Columbia and Discovery.