Fitness Tips for Families in Bossier City staying in Barksdale AFB Housing

When your job is stressful, sometimes the best way to help your body process the built-up tension from the day is to sweat it out with exercise. Even if you can’t go to a fitness center, you can still use home workout equipment or, better yet, get outside! In this post, we’ll discuss some fitness options in the Bossier City area for families using Barksdale AFB housing. Continue reading

Our Travel Nurse Housing Tips: Support & Encourage Your Nurses!

In challenging times, people draw together. Even though we can’t physically meet right now, we can do a lot as a community to encourage each other. Here in Shreveport LA, many of our tenants include healthcare workers who benefit from our fully furnished travel nurse housing. We are proud to offer different ways you can encourage nurses and medical professionals in Louisiana in this post. Continue reading

Barksdale AFB Housing: Tips to Occupy & Encourage your Kids at Home

These past days have been crazy, right! Life has definitely looked different for many people. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of activities for children to enjoy with their parents while home-bound. Our Barksdale AFB housing solutions offer a comfortable place for families to escape the stress of the world and to reconnect with their loved ones. Continue reading

Road Trip Tips for Families using Travel Nurse Housing in Shreveport LA

We live in uncertain times, but those in the field of medicine will always be in high demand. Thankfully, many healthcare workers are willing to go the extra mile and work as travel nurses throughout the country and the world. If you’re a medical professional and are heading to a job in Shreveport, we can help you with clean, fully furnished travel nurse housing for your comfort. Continue reading

What does the Air Force do? A Guide to Barksdale AFB Housing & US Military Branches

Have you ever been to an Air and Space Show at a military base before? You know, the ones with the exciting displays of fighter planes overhead? If you have, you may have heard the Air Force song that begins “Off we go into the wild blue yonder,…”1 There’s an adventurous quality to the song and to the battle of the skies that’s simply indescribable. Of course, we definitely appreciate all the work everyone in our armed forces does to protect our country. In this post, we’ll talk about the different branches of the United States military and explain how our Barksdale AFB housing can help service members in the Bossier City area. Continue reading

Travel Nurse Housing & Pets: A Guide for Traveling with your Dog or Cat

If you’re a traveling nurse, you know that preparing for travel takes time and organization. Over the years, you’ll gain experience in learning what essential items need to come with you on the road and what things are cumbersome and better not to bring. Thankfully, your beloved dog or cat doesn’t have to be left behind. In this post, we’ll discuss tips for traveling with your pet and explain how our travel nurse housing gives you the freedom to travel with a pet. Continue reading

Tax Season Thoughts for Families seeking Barksdale AFB Housing in LA

Ah, springtime! After a long winter season, spring flowers and nicer weather are things to look forward to. But spring also means tax season. April 15th is known nationwide as the typical last day to file taxes for the previous year. If you’re serving in the military and using a Barksdale AFB housing solution, you’ll want to consider all possible tax implications before filing those returns. Continue reading

Love is in the Air: Fun Things to Do in Shreveport for Families using Travel Nurse Housing

Ah, Valentine’s Day weekend! It’s the perfect time to celebrate all the loved ones in your life…whether that’s a spouse or significant other, a parent or even your own children. Here at Shreveport Bossier Corporate Housing, we want to encourage families using our fully furnished travel nurse housing to have a fun weekend with this list of things to do in the area. Enjoy! Continue reading

Enjoy the Great Outdoors near Shreveport & Rent Direct from Owner for your Housing Needs

Imagine a warm summer afternoon by the lake. You’re relaxed, sitting in a comfy lawn chair and lazily daydreaming about what you’ll make for dinner that night. It’ll probably be fish, you think. That is, if they’re biting! All of a sudden, the bobber dips down and jerks around. You’re on your way to catching a fish at Caddo Lake near Shreveport! And, since you have a fully furnished housing solution and rent direct from owner, you’ll have an easy dinner in no time at all. Continue reading

Party it Up in Shreveport with Mardi Gras 2020 & our Fully Furnished Short Term Rentals

It’s Mardi Gras season, which means there are plenty of entertainment options here in Shreveport and the surrounding area! If you’re looking for an excuse to relax after a long work week or just want to enjoy some good food, you’re in luck. Check out our post for info on Mardi Gras 2020 and for several key reasons why you’ll benefit from our fully furnished short term rentals in Louisiana. Continue reading