Barksdale AFB Housing

Laundry day success for military families staying in Barksdale AFB housing

Who enjoys visiting the laundromat! Um, no one does. After all, nobody enjoys lugging large loads of stinky clothing into a public laundromat where everyone can see all the clothes you and your family have worn that week. In addition, laundromats often have coin-operated machines, which means either remembering to bring change or getting money exchanged while there. It’s a hassle! Enter our fully furnished Barksdale AFB housing. Each one of our short term rentals features a washer and dryer unit…right in your condo or house! Say goodbye to exhausting laundromats. Continue reading

Fitness Tips for Families in Bossier City staying in Barksdale AFB Housing

When your job is stressful, sometimes the best way to help your body process the built-up tension from the day is to sweat it out with exercise. Even if you can’t go to a fitness center, you can still use home workout equipment or, better yet, get outside! In this post, we’ll discuss some fitness options in the Bossier City area for families using Barksdale AFB housing. Continue reading

Barksdale AFB Housing: Tips to Occupy & Encourage your Kids at Home

These past days have been crazy, right! Life has definitely looked different for many people. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of activities for children to enjoy with their parents while home-bound. Our Barksdale AFB housing solutions offer a comfortable place for families to escape the stress of the world and to reconnect with their loved ones. Continue reading

What does the Air Force do? A Guide to Barksdale AFB Housing & US Military Branches

Have you ever been to an Air and Space Show at a military base before? You know, the ones with the exciting displays of fighter planes overhead? If you have, you may have heard the Air Force song that begins “Off we go into the wild blue yonder,…”1 There’s an adventurous quality to the song and to the battle of the skies that’s simply indescribable. Of course, we definitely appreciate all the work everyone in our armed forces does to protect our country. In this post, we’ll talk about the different branches of the United States military and explain how our Barksdale AFB housing can help service members in the Bossier City area. Continue reading

Tax Season Thoughts for Families seeking Barksdale AFB Housing in LA

Ah, springtime! After a long winter season, spring flowers and nicer weather are things to look forward to. But spring also means tax season. April 15th is known nationwide as the typical last day to file taxes for the previous year. If you’re serving in the military and using a Barksdale AFB housing solution, you’ll want to consider all possible tax implications before filing those returns. Continue reading

Health Issues due to Mold while Staying at Barksdale AFB Housing? Choose Corporate Housing Instead

Your nose probably will know when this hidden danger lurks in your home or living quarters. Warm, silent, dark and damp places cause this hazard that might cause health issues. Did you guess mold? Yep, that’s it! Mold and mildew are legitimate concerns for any homeowner or even for families living in a rented apartment or house. If you’re going to be stationed at the Air Force Base near Bossier City, you’ll want to research any potential mold issues before moving into Barksdale AFB housing. Continue reading

Packing tips for families needing Barksdale AFB housing

If you have a loved one in the armed forces, you know that packing is inevitable. After all, military families tend to move around quite a bit over the years and have developed a unofficial reputation as “moving experts.” Even so, moving is never an easy task. Here at Shreveport Bossier Corporate Housing, we want to help you! Our Barksdale AFB housing offers the comfortable home-away-from-home you’ve always wanted…without a lot of work on your part. Continue reading

Make military life more comfortable with furnished Barksdale AFB housing

Military life can provide a great sense of community and camaraderie. There’s something about living and working together that unites a team of men and women. However, just like you need a weekend to recharge, sometimes you’ll want an escape so you can enjoy “normal life” with civilians. Although there are plenty of options on base, you should consider fully furnished off-base Barksdale AFB housing. Our housing solutions might be what you and your family needs. Continue reading