Travel Nurse Housing

Our travel nurse housing tips for better sleep habits while away from home

Sometimes the best thing for your health is to do nothing. No, that’s not exactly true, but sleep is super underrated. As a medical professional, the value of good sleep goes up exponentially after long, hard days at Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport Hospital or another nearby hospital. In this post, we’ll discuss some benefits that our travel nurse housing offers for healthcare workers as well as some tips for forming healthy sleep habits. Continue reading

Healthcare Workers on the Move: Travel Nurse Housing & Types of Jobs

Healthcare work is never an easy job, but today’s nurses and doctors are under additional strain due to Coronavirus. Travel nurses in particular, are in high demand as they can quickly relocate to an area of need and mobilize to help care for individuals.1 Here in Shreveport, our travel nurse housing solutions can help medical professionals by providing a relaxing environment for them after a long, intense day at nearby Willis-Knighton Medical Center or Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport Hospital. Continue reading

Travel nurse housing: Relax at home in your kitchen with fun recipes for the family

Stress baking has become a new pastime for Americans as we face the challenges associated with Coronavirus and extended periods of time at home. Essentially, stress baking can help calm anxiety as you work to create something delicious. For healthcare professionals, baking or cooking can be a welcome change from the chaotic hospital. Each of our travel nurse housing units feature a fully equipped kitchen with all the utensils needed for a relaxing afternoon away from work. Continue reading

Our Travel Nurse Housing Tips: Support & Encourage Your Nurses!

In challenging times, people draw together. Even though we can’t physically meet right now, we can do a lot as a community to encourage each other. Here in Shreveport LA, many of our tenants include healthcare workers who benefit from our fully furnished travel nurse housing. We are proud to offer different ways you can encourage nurses and medical professionals in Louisiana in this post. Continue reading

Road Trip Tips for Families using Travel Nurse Housing in Shreveport LA

We live in uncertain times, but those in the field of medicine will always be in high demand. Thankfully, many healthcare workers are willing to go the extra mile and work as travel nurses throughout the country and the world. If you’re a medical professional and are heading to a job in Shreveport, we can help you with clean, fully furnished travel nurse housing for your comfort. Continue reading

Travel Nurse Housing & Pets: A Guide for Traveling with your Dog or Cat

If you’re a traveling nurse, you know that preparing for travel takes time and organization. Over the years, you’ll gain experience in learning what essential items need to come with you on the road and what things are cumbersome and better not to bring. Thankfully, your beloved dog or cat doesn’t have to be left behind. In this post, we’ll discuss tips for traveling with your pet and explain how our travel nurse housing gives you the freedom to travel with a pet. Continue reading

Love is in the Air: Fun Things to Do in Shreveport for Families using Travel Nurse Housing

Ah, Valentine’s Day weekend! It’s the perfect time to celebrate all the loved ones in your life…whether that’s a spouse or significant other, a parent or even your own children. Here at Shreveport Bossier Corporate Housing, we want to encourage families using our fully furnished travel nurse housing to have a fun weekend with this list of things to do in the area. Enjoy! Continue reading

Have a family? Nursing travel jobs are possible with the right travel nurse housing

Traveling is an exhilarating experience, but requires flexibility, coordination and a commitment to learning new things. And, if you travel frequently for work, these challenges will be a regular part of life. For families with children, travel nurse housing can help to enable nurses on the road to bring their loved ones along on the adventure of a lifetime! Continue reading

Self care for nurses is crucial. Let us help with travel nurse housing.

Take care! Yes, please do take care of yourself. In today’s overstressed, overburdened world, self care is an important part of life. For those in the nursing profession, this is especially crucial. If you’re looking to relocate to the Bossier City area, consider our travel nurse housing solutions as an oasis from your daily grind. Check out our housing benefits and self care tips below… Continue reading

Safety tips for nurses using travel nurse housing in Shreveport, LA

Nursing is a dangerous profession. Not only do nurses handle the responsibility of caring for health issues and the life-threatening conditions of others on a regular basis, but they also put themselves in danger by lifting, carrying and exposing their own bodies to many pathogens. In addition, travel nurses face unique safety concerns since they live away from home and travel often. Here at Shreveport Bossier Corporate Housing, we want to make sure our travel nurse housing provides the best possible haven for hardworking medical professionals. Continue reading