Temporary Housing for Construction Workers in Bossier City, LA

Temporary Housing for Construction Workers in Bossier City, LA

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Life as a construction worker isn’t easy. Long hours, physically demanding work and time away from home can make the job difficult. However, those who work in the industry know that it can be very rewarding as well. As a project manager, you can help find temporary housing for construction workers that can make life away from the job even more enjoyable.

Hang your hard hat here. Shreveport-Bossier Corporate Housing offers furnished short term rentals that can help your boss save money on housing while also providing employees with a clean, comfortable place to stay.

Corporate housing may also be able to encourage young people leery of going into the construction field because it helps create a home-like, team-building atmosphere for success. Yes, the work is hard and dirty, but pay is good and opportunities are out there for advancement.

As a project manager, you can show your team you care about their personal lives by providing a pleasant “home” for them to relax in. Not only that, you can save money too!

How can we help you save money on temporary housing for construction workers?

  • Why pay for multiple rooms when you can pay for one unit instead? Hotel rooms don’t house that many people…two or maybe four per room at the most. And that’s certainly not optimal. Our Bossier City LA corporate housing solutions are available as one-, two- or three-bedroom units and come with all the amenities included. You’ll only have to pay for one unit or additional units as needed and can house multiple crew members in the same apartment/house etc. This makes administration work easier for you as well (fewer bills). In addition, it can have the additional bonus of building team relationships within your crew as they will be living together comfortably during the construction job.
  • Corporate housing can help you and your crew save money on meals. Why pay more for fast food when you could get a home-cooked meal every night? Your construction crew can make their own meals in our fully-furnished units, which come complete with pots & pans, dishes, glassware, Keurig, stove, microwave and more!
  • Coin-operated laundry facilities can be an expensive thing of the past. Our temporary housing for construction workers feature washer / dryer machines as well as an ironing board and iron. After a long day working hard in the sun, sweaty and dirty clothes are common. Your construction crew can wash their clothes each evening if needed for maximum comfort (and less stinkyness!) during the long days in the heat and / or elements.
  • Tired and just want to chill after a long day of work? We’ve got you covered. Each bedroom features a queen- or king-size mattress and our bathrooms have a bathtub and shower for cleaning up after being outdoors. If your crew isn’t too sleepy, our units offer entertainment amenities for the evenings as well. Each of our apartments, homes etc come with an HDTV equipped with cable as well as several leather reclining chairs perfect for napping…no movie theater tickets needed. Popcorn, anyone?

Negatives for life as a construction worker

  • Long hours and/or early morning start times. This helps construction crews avoid the hottest afternoon hours of the day, but can take adjustment to wake at earlier hours.
  • Traveling a lot for work can be difficult on family life. If you’re a construction worker and have a family, this can make spending time with the kids more infrequent and a relationship with a significant other more strained.
  • Construction work has more workplace dangers / hazards than a normal 9-5 office job. Heavy equipment can malfunction, building materials can fall or the elements (rain, snow, ice, heat) can make a job particularly dangerous.
  • The job is physically very demanding and requires a lot of effort from workers.

What are the benefits for working on a construction crew?

  • Many construction jobs let you work outside every day! For some people, this would be a negative, but others would love to have a job that gets them out into the fresh air on a regular basis.
  • You get to work in a team environment and don’t have to deal as much with customers vs. a retail job which would require constant customer interaction. Goodbye snarky people!
  • Construction work may help you build muscles and stay fit!
  • If you’re traveling for your job, you’ll have the added benefit of experiencing new places on a regular basis.
  • You’ll enjoy the satisfaction of doing a project and seeing it to completion.

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