Short Term Rentals

You just got a brand-new job in Shreveport LA and are excited about coming to live in the area…but you don’t have a house purchased yet. Or, perhaps you’re coming to the Bossier City area as a medical student or assigned to serve at Barksdale Air Force Base. Whatever the reason, short term rentals can be your friend.

What are Short Term Rentals?

These rentals are homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses or similar housing solutions that individuals and families can rent out for a limited period of time. Tenants typically don’t utilize a short-term housing solution for longer than six months. However, if long term rentals are needed, Shreveport Bossier Corporate Housing can assist with this as well.

One huge benefit of short term rentals is the cost savings. This type of situation is ideal for people who need to stay in one area for a "longer" period of time than a hotel stay would be comfortable, such as project managers seeking temporary housing for construction workers. In addition, business executives sending their employees to Shreveport on assignment will appreciate the benefit of corporate housing as an alternative to paying for a hotel room. Hotels can charge a significant amount of money per night and many hotels only include a small refrigerator and don’t make it easy to prepare home-cooked food in the room. Even hotels that do include kitchen units still lack the space or "homey" feel that renting out a house or apartment would offer. By choosing short term rentals, you may be able to save money on food and on housing!

What exactly are the lease terms for short term rentals?
Usually, this type of rental is leased on a monthly basis, so if you are staying in the Shreveport LA or Bossier City area for a limited time only, this type of rental is perfect. If you’re only staying for one month, make sure to let your landlord know when you first rent the apartment / house, because a 30-day notice is typical.

Read the rental contract
When you’re renting, it’s important to read through the rental contract to make sure both you and your landlord are in agreement on the expectations for both of you. Don’t worry about asking too many questions…it’s better to get things cleared up before you rent than to find things out later that you wish you would have known beforehand.

Make sure you know who’s responsible for internet bills, utilities, trash disposal etc. In addition, if you have any wall hangings or want to put any holes in the wall, make sure to clear that beforehand with your landlord so there aren’t any issues later.

Shreveport Bossier Corporate Housing welcomes pets, so you’ll be able to enjoy the company of your "best friend" while traveling. Please let us know the age and breed of your pet when booking so we can plan accordingly!

Take care of the rental property
Be respectful of someone else’s space. Yes, you’re paying to stay there, but common courtesy is still appreciated when you’re a guest of someone else. Basically, "treat others or their things like you would want them to treat you or your things." It’ll be the best for your relationship with the landlord in the long run and may help you to avoid paying any damage fees.

What do fully furnished apartments include?
If you’re curious about what’s included in your short term rental, check out our amenities page. Our fully furnished apartments, homes and more include all the kitchen equipment you’ll need to make anything from baking homemade cookies for the kids to preparing a fancy dinner at home for two. If you’re wanting to take a short nap after a long day at work, our living spaces include reclining chairs. Ahh, the comfort!

Please feel free to call or email Debi at Shreveport Bossier Corporate Housing with any questions. Check out our Contact page for more information.