Make military life more comfortable with furnished Barksdale AFB housing

Military life can provide a great sense of community and camaraderie. There’s something about living and working together that unites a team of men and women. However, just like you need a weekend to recharge, sometimes you’ll want an escape so you can enjoy “normal life” with civilians. Although there are plenty of options on base, you should consider fully furnished off-base Barksdale AFB housing. Our housing solutions might be what you and your family needs.

Make military life more comfortable with furnished Barksdale AFB housing

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As a service member, you’re familiar with the term “Basic Allowance for Housing” or BAH. For civilians, this is the amount of money given to military personnel so they can live off-base with their families / significant others. Military families will use this allowance towards short term or long term rentals in the Shreveport / Bossier City area.

Barksdale AFB housing off base benefits families because:

  • It gives service members a home-like environment away from work. Barksdale AFB housing on base can be great, but it doesn’t offer the same escape that housing solutions off base provide. For service members who tend to be workaholics, this can provide a “line in the sand” distinction for them. When at work, deal with work, but while at home, enjoy time with your children!
  • For military spouses, making a home on base can be challenging. Even when you’re at home, you’re surrounded by your significant other’s coworkers as well as those in higher command. Some people may love knowing everyone in their neighborhood, but for others, this can be too much. Renting a house or condo off-base provides a sense of privacy that can reduce stress levels and improve quality of life. That in itself is worth it! Separation between work and home can also help to foster relationships between immediate family members. Compare this to the “big family” mentality caused by living on base with everybody you know.
  • Our fully furnished rentals are clean and well-cared for. You will be renting directly from the owner with us, so we can quickly address any concerns or housing issues for your comfort and ease of living. For military families with a spouse deployed and only a single parent available most of the time, this can be very helpful!

In conclusion, off-base Barksdale AFB rentals provide the most room for service members and their families to grow. You don’t have to compromise when living in a temporary rental. We have units only five minutes from base…contact us for your needs today!