Safety tips for nurses using travel nurse housing in Shreveport, LA

Nursing is a dangerous profession. Not only do nurses handle the responsibility of caring for health issues and the life-threatening conditions of others on a regular basis, but they also put themselves in danger by lifting, carrying and exposing their own bodies to many pathogens. In addition, travel nurses face unique safety concerns since they live away from home and travel often. Here at Shreveport Bossier Corporate Housing, we want to make sure our travel nurse housing provides the best possible haven for hardworking medical professionals.

Safety tips for the workplace

When you’re in pain, it can be tempting to want to hurt someone else. Of course, that’s not the right thing to do at all! But nurses can face violence in the workplace from patients dealing with pain. What can you do as a nurse to stay safe?

  • Follow all OSHA protocol and wear protective gear.
  • Be aware of your own body and potential signs of exhaustion. Twelve hour shifts are long and grueling, so be sure to get the rest you need when not on the job.
  • Be extra careful around sharp objects like needles and knives.
  • Work with and around other hospital staff when possible to minimize possible attacks from patients.
  • Document everything.

Safety tips from travel nurse housing experts

Our travel nurse housing is a short term rental solution that helps medical professionals rest and relax in a fully furnished environment while living in the Shreveport LA area. When working as a travel nurse, it’s important to stay aware of your environment at all times. Nurses often work night shift and non-traditional hours (not the typical 9-5 job). This means that driving and getting food may happen after dark.

Take time to learn from other travel nurses and regular staff at the hospital you’re working at. Shreveport is a great town to live in, but there’s always going to be bad areas of the city or places best avoided at night. Your coworkers and recruiter can help. Make lots of friends and stick with the group.

Service your car regularly so it’s in top working condition. Your vehicle is one of your best friends when you’re on the road, so make sure it gets the care it needs so you can get around safely. AAA is a great resource as well as a roadside kit for your car that includes a spare tire, tools to change a tire, several flares, food rations, jumper cables, an emergency blanket, a flashlight etc.

As far as the location for your travel nurse housing, Debi cares about her tenants and wants each one to stay in a safe home-away-from-home. Please contact us to learn more about the neighborhoods we are located in. We’ll advise as to what you can do to ensure your time in Shreveport is safe, happy and healthy!