Health Issues due to Mold while Staying at Barksdale AFB Housing? Choose Corporate Housing Instead

Your nose probably will know when this hidden danger lurks in your home or living quarters. Warm, silent, dark and damp places cause this hazard that might cause health issues. Did you guess mold? Yep, that’s it! Mold and mildew are legitimate concerns for any homeowner or even for families living in a rented apartment or house. If you’re going to be stationed at the Air Force Base near Bossier City, you’ll want to research any potential mold issues before moving into Barksdale AFB housing.

Mold in military housing

Health Issues due to Mold while Staying at Barksdale AFB Housing? Choose Corporate Housing InsteadSadly, mold has been making the news in Air Force housing solutions around the country. Last year, a CNN article by Ray Sanchez discussed how housing at Florida’s MacDill Air Force Base had mold issues so bad that mushrooms were growing out of the carpet!1 Another article by The New York Times reveals that families in multiple branches of the Armed Services have been dealing with poorly-maintained units that featured everything from mold to sewage problems and even asbestos.2 On top of that, even when the mold issues are being dealt with, it still can cause undue stress to military families, especially those with young children. Karen Jowers of the AirForce Times describes how an Air Force family from Fort Belvoir in Virginia had to live elsewhere for more than 80 days while their home was cleaned of mold.3 Truly, this problem has been a growing issue!

Why is mold bad for your health?

The jury is still somewhat out as to the specific health dangers of living in a house with a mold infestation. That’s partially because each person’s immunity will respond to mold in a different way…some people are really sensitive to it and others don’t have as much trouble with it.4 Regardless, it’s pretty safe to say that mold isn’t a healthy living environment for humans.

Shreveport-Bossier Corporate Housing’s Clean Barksdale AFB Housing

In contrast, Debi’s corporate housing solutions provide a safe, clean alternative to traditional Barksdale AFB housing. Debi owns each of her rental properties and ensures that each home is clean, well-maintained and ready before new renters are allowed on the premises. If you’re looking for long term rentals in Bossier City LA, look no farther than Shreveport-Bossier Corporate Housing. Our fully furnished houses for rent offer the comforts of home, such as a kitchen with full-sized fridge, pots & pans, mixer, measuring cup / spoons and more. The kids will enjoy romping around the house (with 1-3 bedrooms as needed) and relaxing in front of the HDTV to watch cartoons. You’ll appreciate the leather recliners after a long day as well!

In conclusion, if you or someone you know is facing mold issues with their Barksdale AFB housing situation, consider switching over to Debi’s rentals in the Bossier City area. You and your nose will be glad!

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